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Squadron Point Blank

Our unit is a multi-national group of aviation enthusiast and gamers. We are a transparent and democratic community that above all else wants to help sim pilots find others to blow things up with. We are primarily focused on prop driven World War II era craft, specifically the IL2 Great Battle Series developed by 1C Studios. However, a great number of us fly Eagle Dynamics DCS, as well as Falcon BMS and other Military Aviation Simulation titles. We run an event tool that members and allied squadrons can use to advertise their Events and Missions via the website and Discord notifications.

Operations and Events

We run various event types, largely decided by the members who choose to lead and host them. Some events are informal pick up groups of pilots just looking for some quick action. Other events are formal with a clear chain of command and assigned positions for all pilots. Any member is able to run an event of either type.

Officers and leaders in Point Blank do not dictate how a member or allies chooses to run their Operation (Op), you will likely find our officers serving rather than leading in many Ops. In other words, the Op leader is the Commanding Officer (CO) of any Operation. If he wants a strict chain of command, all those participating in the Op should comply. These kinds of formal Ops are found for immersion and Cooperative mission. At the same time if the CO wants a laid-back fly out with pilots just "hanging out" in comms. Participants should comply.


A couple expectations for those wishing to join:

  • You can taxi, take off and land your chosen plane.
  • You understand the munitions of your chosen plane, and how to deploy them. In other words you know how to shoot, not necessarily well.
  • You can follow a flight leader and remain in a loose formation.
  • You can manage the engine of your chosen plane. You don't have to understand all the complex engine management for all planes. Just understand the basics of the simplest planes in the IL2 Great Battles series.

Don't worry too much about the above requirements, we have most of the resources you will need to meet the above requirements on this website (under the "Info" category on the navbar on this webpage.)

We also have several Officers and Members who enjoy running classes and teaching useful skills and techniques.

Recruitment Process

Interested in joining us?

  • Join our discord. Fly with us. Whether you are interested in membership or not you are welcome to fly with us.
  • If you would like to join us drop a message in our "recruits" channel on Discord.
  • Because we are democratic you need to fly with some of our members, so they can vote you into the group. Don’t be shy. Fly whenever you can with whoever you can. It need not be an event.

We hope to see you in the virtual skies soon!