Upcoming Operations

No events scheduled, check back soon!

Want to Fly with us?

Member or not, all are free to fly with us during events. We have some simple rules we abide by during planned squadron events. If you would like a more in depth idea of what we are about check out our charter.

If you would like to learn more about us please take a look at our our about page.

  1. The individual who schedueld the Op is in charge. They determine chain of command during the Op.
  2. Be respectful; meaning no racism, cheating, hacking or dirsuptive behavior.
  3. Use push to talk, a hot mic can get people killed.
  4. Be able to keep track of your flight lead and follow orders.
  5. Keep the chitchat to minimum, and stop transmitting if you hear an urgent communication.
  6. Be patient with your fellow pilots. We are all different ages, nationalities, and temperments.
  7. Get along by being decent to one another and having tough skin when it's needed.

Where you can Find us..


We primarily use discord for voice communication. However many of our user will frequent other voice communication servers. Particularly the offical IL2 teamspeak. These other servers can be found at the locations below:

  • Official IL2 Teamspeak at: Info Here
  • Wings of Liberty Teamspeak at: ts.aviaskins.com
  • Tactical Air War Teamspeak at: TBD
  • And Many others