Basic Flight Training Preparation

All applicants, trainees, and other such interested pilots watch the above video - and take notes - in order to prepare yourself for Basic Flight Training.

We do Basic Flight Training in the Bf 109 due to it's automation it is one of the most simple aircraft to fly. As such, some things you must do before the formal training class are bind & memorize these additional non-standard key bindings for the Bf 109:

  • "Adjustable stabilizer axis": (bind two keys or an axis to this ONE key binding)
  • "Switch propellers pitch control mode: manual/auto": (This turns off automatic prop pitch in the 109 - essential for emergency engine procedures)
  • "Propellers: high pitch"
  • "Propellers: low pitch"
  • Please change the "Tail wheel lock/unlock" binding to something not on the G key to avoid ground accidents. I use /, for example class.
  • Please change the "Engage engines start procedure / Stop engine" binding to a modifier key plus Home to avoid accidentally stopping your engine during normal flight operations. I use RWin + Home, for example. That's the standard DCS:World key binding for engine starts, so it's easy to remember.

These are not optional steps, these are to ensure that training goes smoothly and we aren't spending our time instructing on key bindings or dealing with accidents that slow down training. Failure to do this will result in being told to leave training and come back during the next class.

Good luck with training! I look forward to you all passing and being welcomed into Pb!

Video credit goes to Reqiuem and those at the Air Combat Tutorial Library for their amazing video guides like the one above. Check out his youtube channel in the links dropdown.