Who are we?

Point blank is an international combat flight simulation community focused primarily on the IL2 Great Battles series. Second to that we also fly DCS, BMS, and other combat flight simulation titles. However, we enjoy and welcome all types of online and digital gaming. Real life comes first to us, we are a democratic and transparent community that seeks to facilitate the enjoyment of flight simulation and gaming as a hobby. We have pilots from around the globe who come together to fly the virtual skies. We are primarily a World War 2 era flight simulation community. However, our interests extend into all things related to aviation.

We are non-factional, our pilots are free to fly what ever faction they prefer on what ever server they prefer. We just ask that our members and guest respect OPSEC of opposing sides when in the same voice and text channels. In other words, don't cheat. We are adults, with some rare exceptions. Which means you may hear adult language and a certain amount of maturity is expected.

Why Point Blank?

The name Point Blank was taken from Point Blank Directive which was the precursor to Operation Point Blank.

In short, it was the bomber offensive conducted on 14 June 1943 by primarily RAF and USAF allied forces. The operation was intended to cripple or destroy German aircraft strength. The squad tag 'Pb' is a reference to Point Blank and the chemical symbol for lead. The atomic number for lead (82) was also adopted as our squad number, we are the 82nd. Point blank is also an indication of how close most of us need to be to hit a target.

Our Structure

Head on over to our forum and check out our charter: here. It's the best and quickest way to find out what we are all about. In short, we are a multinational friendly bunch who prides it self on transparency and demcoratic governance. Our planned events range from a casual flight with whoever is available, to highly structred and organized operations with a defined chain of command.

Aside from that here is a quick list of rules for when we fly in operations:

  1. The individual who schedueld the Op is in charge. They determine chain of command during the Op.
  2. Be respectful; meaning no racism, cheating, hacking or dirsuptive behavior.
  3. Use push to talk, a hot mic can get people killed.
  4. Be able to keep track of your flight lead and follow orders.
  5. Keep the chitchat to minimum, and stop transmitting if you hear an urgent communication.
  6. Be patient with your fellow pilots. We are all different ages, nationalities, and temperments.
  7. Get along by being decent to one another and having tough skin when it's needed.


You can reach out to contact@pointblank.site or jump on our discord for any questions.